Dear Trump Supporters

If the very text of the Declaration of Indpendence, being read out on the Fourth of July, sounds to you like a propoganda attack against your guy in the White House, then I submit the problem is with your guy in  the White House.  Not with the Declaration of Independence, and not with the people reading, tweeting, or otherwise broadcasting it.

I realise an article really ought to be longer, but frankly, what else is there to say about the fact that the document that is the very foundation and initiation of America’s existence could be denounced as liberal propoganda and trash?

Except of course, that it has happened before.  During the time of Joseph McCarthy, a journalist used the opening sentences of the Declaration as a petition, and tried to find signatures for it.  Many did.  Others denounced it as a communist screed, while still others feared they might be denounced if they put their names to such sentiments.  And McCarthy himself?  Praised these reactions.

Is there any clearer proof about how little so many on the Right understand the patriotism they like to go on about?

4 thoughts on “Dear Trump Supporters

  1. There’s also a problem with the people reading the Declaration and not picking up on the fact, or at least suspecting, it is the Declaration. It speaks to their ignorance of American civics and our history. Whether that problem lies with them or our education system, that’s another discussion, but there is a problem with people not recognizing the Declaration.

    I was unaware of the opening sentences being used as a petition during the McCarthy era, and mentally shuddered when I read what happened. Horrible. McCarthy should have been denounced soundly by people of every political view for his response.


    • I’m finding that there are quite a few people who are proud of their ignorance – those who are educated are part of the “elite” and the “elite” are bad. They’re everything America isn’t, apparently. We are living in the wrong kind of interesting times, and it AIN’T because of The Gay Agenda, feminism or political correctness.


  2. It’s all just a little bit of history repeating…

    Frankly, I grow more and more appalled at anyone who continues to support him, but at the same time realize that the focus on Trump’s sheer lack of qualifications for the position he is in is like a magician’s sleight of hand – we’re watching him instead of paying closer attention to what Congress and Senate are doing.


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