#ShePersisted: Mitch McConnell silences Elizabeth Warren, but not the guys

Mitch McConnell “red-carded” Elizabeth Warren for reading from Coretta Scott King’s 1986 letter about Jeff Sessions’ unfitness for a judicial nomination. A short while later, two male senators read from it, too, and that was just absolutely totally fine and dandy with ol’ Mitch. Senator Mark Udall read the whole letter, and Senator Jeff Merkley read excerpts.

Note that this parliamentary maneuver was extremely rare, a very odd move, and with it Warren was stripped of the right to speak about Jeff Sessions at all.

Possible explanations:

  1. Mitch McConnell is one of those men who is so infuriated and threatened by the existence of smart women that he can’t think straight and just lashes out like a wounded squirrel. Any smart woman can tell you about these men, especially women smart enough to be Harvard professors. These women prove that the myths about white male supremacy are just bad jokes, not anything white men can rely on to get through life.
  2. McConnell wants to help Warren win the presidency in 2020, or at least win again her senate seat in 2018, by making her a martyr and civil rights hero in one act of bullying. (Seems unlikely.)
  3. McConnell thought he was preventing Warren from looking like a hero by reading the letter publicly, but is too stupid to realize Warren would immediately get on Facebook Live with her fans to read the letter and call Rachel Maddow, and the press would then report it even more widely than if she’d read it on the Senate floor, because of all the drama and sexism.
  4. The GOP is especially terrified of Warren. Maybe they’ve already done opposition research on her and couldn’t find anything. (Without opposition research on Clinton, they’d have had nothing to give sexist uneducated white males an excuse to vote against Hillary other than, “Ugh, she’s a woman.”)

Of course, more than one of these could be true. McConnell could be threatened by smart women and too stupid to realize he was making Warren a martyr. I can’t help but wonder about #4. But if they thought they were hurting her cause, they weren’t.

5 thoughts on “#ShePersisted: Mitch McConnell silences Elizabeth Warren, but not the guys

  1. I’m gonna go with mostly 3 on a conscious level with some more unconscious 1 thrown in. But it’s (not really at all) amazing how quick these free speech anti-“PC” types are to shut people up who aren’t like them,


    • A commenter on another forum said it better than me: “What kills me is that this is clearly a case of the GOP demanding, even enforcing political correctness. This is what the phrase actually means. It is the necessity for facts to conform to the prevailing political situation.”


      • That IS well said. And exactly right.

        I’m pretty hooked in #4. I think it’s weird how terrified they are of her – Graham came out and said something about how it was time somebody silenced her, and that they call her Scold. She must remind them of a school teacher in that she’s female, way smarter than they are, and working hard for her money.


  2. Ugh, this clusterfuck.

    All that toad needed to do to wrap that up in a nice, misogynistic bow was cry out, “And get back in the kitchen, woman!”


    • Right? That quote is already living in infamy. It’s on T-shirts. Someone wrote a heart-breaking article about how much it sounded like his abusive father talking about his abused mother: “I told her not to get me mad! I warned her, but she kept up!”

      It also sounds like what a lot of women have been told at some point when they did what the guys were doing, not realizing we were intruding on their male supremacy exercises.


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