Men without college express territorial sexism months after voting Trump

Bustle just reported that a poll found that half of Americans feel the law should require women to take their husband’s names after getting married to them. But it gets worse.

What’s more, researcher Emily Shafer made even more startling discoveries than this during the course of her study. The most common reason participants gave for believing that a woman should change her last name is that she should prioritize her marriage and family ahead of herself. In particular, men with less education say this is a must and believe that a woman who does not take her husband’s last name is not as committed to their marriage. These same men also said that the husband would be more justified in filing for divorce if the wife works too much, by the way.

Now, “men with less education” is one of the groups that pushed Trump over to victory:

These results are every bit as striking: Clinton lost ground relative to Obama in 47 of the 50 counties — she did an average of 11 percentage points worse, in fact. These are really the places that won Donald Trump the presidency, especially given that a fair number of them are in swing states such as Ohio and North Carolina.

And this overlap between uneducated males who voted for Trump and uneducated males who think their wives need to take their names or, I dunno, go to jail isn’t the first hint we’ve had that America’s sexism is why it chose Trump over a woman:

Specifically, the researchers conclude that racism and sexism explain most of Trump’s enormous electoral advantage with non-college-educated white Americans, the group that arguably gave Trump the election… For sexism, they evaluated someone’s hostile sexism — which, through several questions, gauges hostile attitudes toward women.

And then there’s the pre-election prediction which proved true. Hostility toward women is one of the strongest predictors of Trump support:

While it might not seem surprising now that Trump has galvanized sexists, their findings suggest that sexism played a much bigger role in his rise than most people realized or wanted to imagine.

Hostile sexism correlates with ideas like women don’t have any real problems, they’re just hypersensitive, can’t take a joke, and want special favors. And, of course, that feminists seek to topple the Great White Man from his natural position of “God-given” rule over all the other inferior humans He created for unknown reasons.

Now: tell me again how sexism played little to no role in last year’s election. Tell me again how we’re in a post-sexist society and feminism isn’t necessary. Tell me again how I’m being unnecessarily negative toward men. Tell me again how I’m the problem.

3 thoughts on “Men without college express territorial sexism months after voting Trump

  1. Every time sexism comes up in this, the cry is where’s the proof where’s the proof where’s the proof. Well, here we have it, out of the horses’ mouths.


  2. Frankly, I think we would have been screwed either way – if Clinton had won (please note, no one could seem refer to her by her surname, unlike her male counterparts…) it would have been four years of blatant misogyny fobbed off as anything but.

    Now we’re just the laughingstock of the world and it’s proving already to be a nightmare. The most distressing to me is the folks who do not think anything Trump does is horrifying, but rather patriotic.

    I do not disagree the system needs fixing. I do not believe Mr. Billionaire and his Billionaire Cohorts are actually going to fix anything and suspect the very people who believe he can save them will suffer the most. I sincerely hope to be wrong, because that’s awful to consider.


  3. Nick: exactly. The data repeatedly shows a correlation between sexist attitudes and people who voted for Obama in 2012 switching to Trump.

    SBG: Trump ran on the pretense of being Elizabeth Warren: an outsider, non-elite, who came to fix things from the perspective of average Americans.


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